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Art and Design




Being one of the curriculum drivers at Hillborough Infant and Nursery School, we encourage our pupils through the creative curriculum to gain the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art.


In Early Years Foundation Stage, pupils predict, plan and problem solve as they create their pieces of art. Pupils investigate a range of mark making tools and begin to explore and learn different techniques, such as mixing colours in painting, drawing different lines and talking about their creations. 


In Key Stage One, pupils explore other techniques and skills with greater detail. Examples of this include drawing different thickness and size of lines to create textures and tones as well as gaining confidence in using a range of other tools. They also use rollers in printing and carving tools in sculpting. Last term for our ‘Colours around the World’ topic, the children created pictures in the style of Vincent Van Gough and  created their very own Andy Warhol's pop art!


All opportunities are carefully planned into our topics to provide purposeful ways for pupils to make connections or to use context when exploring an area of focus. Pupils also learn how art and design both reflect and shape our history. They develop their knowledge and understanding of other artists, craft makers and designers. Pupils are also provided with opportunities to apply these skills and explore their own styles when creating pieces of art. 


This term through our home learning we have been exploring illustrators linked with our Julia Donaldson topic.  We have explored using lines to create cross hatching when sketching and recreated Julia Donaldson in the style of Axel Scheffler. 


Our pupils benefit from an extracurricular Art Club, where they focus on different projects and skills over several weeks. This term, pupils from reception have been learning about scratch art and all the techniques involved.


In March 2020 Hillborough and Infant School was awarded a Silver Artsmark award. Artsmark recognises schools that bring art alive, as well as supporting the creative development in individual pupils.


Art and Design scheme of work 20-21