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Computing at Hillborough Infants and Nursery School

At Hillborough Infant and Nursery School we aim to develop pupils’ awareness of the uses of Computing, both within the school curriculum and the wider society in which we live. We give children the opportunities to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information creatively, and with purpose, usefulness and relevance in mind. Children are given opportunities to explore a variety of technological tools in a way that lets them try things out for themselves. We aim to develop pupils’ awareness of both the benefits and limitations of using technology. Making pupils aware of security and safety issues when using the internet.


Computing for Years One and Two

In Years One and Two, children will be taught about algorithms. They will learn how they are implemented as programs on digital devices and that programs only work by following precise instructions. Children will have opportunities to use various devices such as Bee Bots and be responsible for programing them to complete specific tasks. Children will use the computers and iPads to create simple programs, and learn how to debug them when necessary. They will also use reason and logic to predict the behaviour of simple programs. Children will be encouraged to use technology in a purposeful way, to create, organise, store and manipulate digital content. Children particularly enjoy using the iPads to create story boards, posters and create newspaper articles. We will teach our children about the use of information technology beyond school and give examples of how technology has changed our lives. Our children will learn about the importance of staying safe online. We will ensure they have the knowledge to protect themselves by providing information about where to access help and support. Through games, songs, and activities our children will also learn about the importance of keeping personal information private.