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At Hillborough Infant and Nursery School the computing curriculum is taught throughout the school day and is incorporated into a creative curriculum. Pupils have access to a suite containing thirty computers, enabling a full class of thirty pupils access to a computer at any one time. Pupils also have access to iPads which they can use across the school, as well as a range of day to day technology such as microphones, digital cameras, computer programming toys and more. We are excited about our new research suite that is currently under construction. 


At Hillborough Infant and Nursery School, it is important that the skills of computer science and computer literacy are not just delivered in isolation. We believe that imparting these skills and applying them for a purpose shows our pupils the tangible benefits of technology in our world and the outcomes that can be achieved. Last year we created and published our own books using Book Creator. Pupils had the opportunity to learn the skills required to input and edit text, images, photographs and even sound. At the end of the project pupils’ books were published to be sold to our families. Last term we focussed on using computers and tablets for taking images and inserting images into mashcams and texts. In KS1, we went on an adventure with Kara, Winston and the Smart crew to learn more about internet safety. Click the link below to access this at home: 






Through our home learning, we have developed pupils' keyboard skills and publishing skills through tasks set via Purple Mash. Pupils have designed online quizzes, posters and leaflets using 2Publish and 2Quiz, in order to share some of their learning from home. 


In order to develop our pupil’s natural excitement and interest in computing, teachers deliver computing linked to exciting topics. We try to ensure the children understand first-hand that computing is a daily part of our modern world and the benefits and limitations of the technology we have access to.


It is important to us that pupils receive the full benefits of the technology we have to offer but it is equally important to us that our pupils are educated on using technology safely. E-safety is rooted in our curriculum and is continually revisited.  It is vital that our pupils are aware of how to ensure they stay safe when using technology in school and at home, as well as educating our children of where to seek help if they do come across something that concerns them when using technology.


In the Early Years pupils are taught about everyday technology and exposed to a range of devices. Pupils are encouraged to explore the technology available and are taught why in our modern world it is essential to our everyday routines. It is important that even our nursery children have access to our Computing Suite, as computing is a practical subject and the skills required when using a desktop computer and other technologies are taught from the very start of our pupils’ journey at Hillborough Infant and Nursery School.

Computing at Key Stage One (KS1)


This early access to technology at Hillborough Infant and Nursery School builds the foundation of digital literacy required at KS1. In learning about Computer Science pupils explore perseverance, logic and problem solving as skills not only vital for computing but key life skills. Children will explore algorithms, learn to create and debug programs all linked to cross curricular topics. Last term pupils created a virtual firework show linked to learning about Diwali and Guy Fawkes. Pupils will be taught how computers work, how to maintain them, how information is stored in files and how it is retrieved, a skill rehearsed many times when creating our books this year.


Our aim is that pupils of Hillborough Infant and Nursery School leave us with confidence to explore new technologies, along with the transferable skills required to operate many devices including new ones that they may come across. We hope they leave knowing how to keep themselves safe in the virtual world and where to access help and support if a problem arises.


In summer term 2021, Year 2 children will be using purple mash to develop their coding skills. Children will be exploring algorithms to design their own programme with focus on the Great Fire of London. In year 1, children will be developing their skills on 2paint. They will be learning  how to use the fill and line tool to create bold logo designs. They will also be using ipads to carry out research for their topic lessons.



Computing scheme of work 20-21