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Design and Technology

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Design and Technology


At our school we encourage the pupils to gain the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own designs. We aim to support pupil’s creative thinking ​​and problem solving as individuals and as part of a team.


Within Design and Technology, pupils in Early Years Foundation Stage have access to and explore a wide range of construction materials, such as wooden blocks and junk modelling. They learn how to operate simple equipment and mechanical toys. Once a week our pupils visit ICT suite to learn how to complete a simple computer programs.

In KS1 pupils have an opportunity to use other materials, methods and tools throughout the year.


For example:


  • construction equipment to build their own structures and develop products


  • textiles to shape and join using stitching


  • mechanical components in creating moving pictures.


As a part of our termly WOW performances, all pupils plan, design and make their own useful product to sell. Last year our Year One and Two pupils focused on researching ways to save our planet. Pupils explored the texture and shape of various recycled materials and brainstormed how they can reuse them. They modelled the junk into hair clips, dream catchers, pencil holders and many other things that were then available at our WOW sale event.

Design Technology scheme of work 19-20