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Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage


At Hillborough Infant and Nursery School, in Reception and Nursery, we follow the Early Years Outcomes to plan meaningful opportunities that are tailored to our pupils’ next steps. 


We believe that all of our pupils can achieve and each pupil has their own personal talent; our WOW performances at the end of our topics showcase these talents, for example dancing, singing, role play and large scale artwork. Our Wow beginnings immerse pupils in experiences that inspire them throughout their learning. This term pupils have cared for their own ducklings and observed the changes that happen in the life cycle of a duck. They particularly enjoyed playing with the ducklings in the water.


Our curriculum encompasses a child initiated experience, balanced with group inputs and one to one teaching time. All of our pupils have the opportunity to access our spacious outdoor area every day, where they flourish into resilient, collaborative and confident learners. Our inside ‘Sunshine room’ promotes Expressive Art and Design, alongside fine motor and water play. Recently our pupils have been enthusiastic in the home corner role playing their own version of Goldilocks. Out outside the ‘Enchanted Wood’ offers imaginative play – with a story telling chair, sensory kitchen and large sandpit, as well as large water wall and planting area. This term children have been creating their own music and performing to each other on the ‘Enchanted Wood Stage’. Our playground promotes gross motor skills, with large climbing equipment and a construction shed. The large open construction items e.g. crates, planks, tyres and reels also promote pupils’ imaginative and collaborative play. This term pupils have been working together to build their own trail to find a bear – linking their learning to the story, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. 


We teach Read, Write Inc phonics every day and pupils swiftly learn phonemes, graphemes and develop their blending and segmenting skills. They develop a love of books and are motivated to start to read, Read, Write Inc story books – whilst enjoying sharing these at home with their families. This term children have been celebrating their success with phonics – applying the phonemes and digraphs they have learnt to read their book independently. They have also begun to apply this in their spelling and can write simple sentences and drawings in response to what they have read. We use numicon to teach number and pupils quickly learn to count, add and subtract. They soon develop knowledge of number bonds, through visual representation. This term pupils have been using numicon and number lines to add and subtract. They have also begun to explore counting in 2s and 10s! 


At Hillborough Infant and Nursery School, first and foremost we develop our pupils’ love of learning. Our school drivers are at the heart of our curriculum and consist of possibilities – this term we explored all the possibilities stories give to our imaginative play and we predicted who might hatch form our eggs; community – this term we had planned to explore our local park together; arts – this term we used different media and materials to make our own animal masks; wellbeing – this term we cared for our darling ducklings and played the role of mummy and daddy! We can’t wait to see photos of them in their new home and how see they continue to grow.