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Writing is taught during our Literacy lessons, but also through our creative topics. Children are exposed to and taught about a variety of pieces of writing for different purposes and audiences, which are used as a model for their own writing. Pupils are taught the skills, and encouraged to become independent writers through a range of tasks.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Spelling, punctuation and grammar are planned for across Literacy lessons, with some pupils in Year Two receiving extra daily sessions. All children in Years One and Two have weekly spelling tests to help them learn common spelling patterns and to improve their vocabulary choices in their creative writing. Spelling is also taught in our daily Phonics lessons.


Handwriting and Letter formation

Handwriting is an important part of the English curriculum and should be applied to all subject areas. We believe that well-formed and legible handwriting is the medium through which all pupils can communicate their ideas in a universally-recognised symbolic and permanent manner.

Teaching of the correct letter formation starts in Nursery and continues throughout Reception, so that children are ready to start learning to join letters in Year One. In Year Two, children will be expected to use joined up handwriting all of the time. The basic Charles Cripps style is followed, but in Year Two, it has been agreed that looping of descenders (y, g, j, f ) encourages fluency and flow, and so should be taught.

Handwriting is taught weekly and children use a separate book to encourage pride in their work and presentation.