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Hillborough Infant and Nursery School provides a Geography curriculum that is embedded through our creative topics. Teachers aim to develop pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the world in which we live in. It is intended that pupils’ will gain knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, whilst developing a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.


At Hillborough Infant and Nursery School we impart Geographical knowledge and explore rich Geographical vocabulary by exploring exciting topic based learning questions. We aim to encourage enquiry and broaden pupils’ curiosity for learning. Geography helps children understand the changes that take place and our job at hand is to excite the exploration and let the children experience. The learning questions guide pupils’ curiosities and allow teachers to build the necessary skills required for exploring Geography. Children should have fun filled lessons that ensures consistent progression. 


In the early years, pupils will explore the world around them and they will be encouraged to enquire and answer questions about what they have learnt and what they have observed; they will be encouraged to use appropriate language to explain what they have found out. Pupils will be provided with exciting opportunities to observe physical and human features, for example, when learning about themselves, they can find out where their family have come from and look at it on a map, as well as looking at where they live now.


Teachers in the Early Years aim to build a foundation of skills required to broaden pupils’ thinking. Pupils will be encouraged to explore equipment through play-based activities, for example using a map or google earth to identify different parts of the world. Children are able to take photos, observe and discuss changes to their surroundings.  


Building on the skills learnt in EYFS, KS1 pupils are encouraged to broaden their geographical view of the world around them. This is prompted by motivating learning questions that guide pupils’ thoughts about the world we live in; opportunities stem from the cross curricular activities and challenges provided to the pupils.  


Pupils are encouraged to become explorers by developing a geographical understanding of the world we live in today. The pupils explore the United Kingdom and compare it to a contrasting non-European country, looking at similarities and differences between them. Whilst exploring maps pupils will use basic geographical vocabulary referring to key physical and human features.


Our Autumn term topic is 'Happy mind Happy me'. We welcomed our new starters with open arms and launched our topic with a 'WOW' event in year 1 and year 2. Year 1 had enjoyed a lovely picnic in the school field having made their own sandwiches and biscuits.


This term Year 1 have the task to identify seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK and use simple fieldwork and observational skills to study the Geography of the school and its grounds.  


Our very own year 2 children had a 'WoW' event of 'Mood Rooms' discussing emotions such as happy, sad and calm. This term Year 2 have to devise a simple map and construct basic symbols in a key. In addition they have to use aerial photographs and plan perspectives recognising landmarks. Finally children are to use compasses for directions to describe the location of features and routes on a map. 


Early years have been brave settling into school routine and school life! So far Reception have focussed on talking about themselves, how they are different to their friends and family and what makes them happy. They have also been talking about their favourite places like the park, the beach and shopping at our very own Luton Town mall!. Children in Elm, Pine and Oak have created class maps this has helped them settle in and venture to different areas of learning within the setting.


Other activities this term for Reception would be to know similarities and differences between life in this country and life in others drawing on knowledge from stories. Children have already begun exploring the natural world around them drawing pictures of trees and plants.


Finally our tiddly winks (Nursery children) have started school for the first time every and settling in very well. They have been singing songs and rhymes about the weather. Children at this stage are fascinated by looking out the window to see the sun shine! They will no doubt be talking about the weather changes and celebrating what Autumn brings!


At Hillborough we hope the children leave us with a good understanding of the world we live in and where places are in the world, with a thirst to go out in the wider world and become intrigued wonderers!