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How Can I Help My Child?

How can I help my child attend school regularly?


  • Going to school unprepared can be a major worry for children – help by checking schoolbags the night before, packing P.E. bags and have their uniform ready for the morning.
  • Tired children aren’t punctual and find it hard to learn, so ensure your child has a sensible bedtime.                  
  • Help your children get into a regular routine and set the alarm at the same time every morning.           
  • Make time for breakfast.
  • Children can become unsettled if they arrive at school late and without their friends – getting children to school on time to meet their friends prevents this.          
  • Have a memory board at home for special trips or activities – the board will help your children remember to tell you and help your remember to prepare them for it.
  •  Always talk to your child about school.
  • Take a positive interest in your child’s work including homework.
  • Keep in touch with school staff.
  •  Always contact the school on each day of absence.
  •  Attend parent’s evening and other school events.