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Music is an important part of our school. Throughout the year pupils have many opportunities to make and use instruments creatively to support and enhance the work they are doing in the classroom. The teaching of music follows the Charanga Music School Scheme which is an online resource. This provides activities which are current, creative, fun and inspiring.​Pupils also learn out about great musicians, bands and are exposed to a wide range of styles of music.


In Early Years Foundation Stage pupils explore the sound of musical instruments, begin to learn new songs and create their own and move/dance to the familiar music.

Pupils in KS1 recognise different styles of music, learn how to control their voices, change the sounds of instruments and understand musical dimensions.

Music and singing are encouraged in all classes throughout the school. This is achieved through whole school singing assemblies, regular music lessons as well as recorder club and choir which are available for Year Two pupils.


Our pupils have many opportunities to perform their music during school events, such as termly WOW performances and celebration assemblies. Recently our school choir had an opportunity to perform alongside other primary schools at Mini-Sing 2019 organised by Luton Music Service.

Music scheme of work 19-20