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Online Payment System

As of Friday 22nd July 2022, we use ParentMail (Accounts and Payments modules) for our online payment system.


You must be registered with ParentMail to use our online payment system, please contact the office who will send out information on how to register. 


Once registered, your online account will allow you to pay for:

  • School uniform;
  • Book/P.E bags;
  • Trips;
  • WOW products made by your child; 
  • Book and pay for Out of School Club sessions (you must be registered to use this service).


You can also use your account for other tasks such as checking your child's order history, reprint receipts, print statements etc.


You can use the same account for any children you have at this school or for any children at other schools which also use ParentMail.


For guidance on how to use our Payments module please click on:


For guidance on how to book and pay for a session at our before or after school clubs, please click on:


You must be registered to use our before and after school clubs.


Please contact the school on 01582 725764 if you require any further assistance.