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At Hillborough we have high expectations of our pupils as well as to provide quality and achievable targets. Geography as a subject area naturally has an element of curiosity and fascination and as a school we will provide a logical and continual progression through our subjects’ skills progression documents. This subject not only provides knowledge and skills imminently in education but is designed for future understanding and beyond. Our lifelong learners will be taught ‘real life’ experiences and to be ‘raw’ and ‘ambitious’ explorers. It is intended that pupils’ will gain skills, practical understanding and knowledge about diverse places, people, and resources of physical/human environments. In addition we give children the ability to develop skills that are transferable to other curriculum areas and which can and are used to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and understanding.


We deliver Geography as a subject ‘hooking’ pupils learning via ‘WOW’ events. Through school ground activities and local excursions, children are captivated and thrive on the learning intent. We plan and deliver Geography to a high engaging standard, enabling children to investigate ‘hands on’ experiences. Pupils shall build on fundamental Geography subject knowledge and concepts that can be added to and developed each year, increasing prior learning and retrieval skills. Pupils learn a Geographical vocabulary, enquiry skills and master globes, maps and plans. Pupils will learn about the UK, Europe and countries across the world drawing comparisons between them. Our Geography curriculum is planned and delivered in alignment with the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which follows the ‘Development Matters in the EYFS’ guidance ‘Understanding of the World’.


The outcomes of the broad teaching of Geography across the school is seen in the children’s topic books, sometimes in the fortnightly newsletter to parents and through various displays that are put up showcasing their work throughout the year.

Geography assessment is ongoing, to inform teachers with their planning, lesson activities and differentiation. Pupils’ learning can be assessed comparative to their starting points at the end of every topic, using the information on their knowledge organisers. Geography teaching is also monitored regularly using a variety of strategies, such as book looks, learning walks, lesson observations and pupil voice (here a few children are asked about their experience of Geography teaching and the knowledge they have acquired).

Our pupils will make cross curricular links between Geography and other subjects. Due to this foundation of Geographical knowledge, skill and understanding, pupils would have created a culture of high aspirations that will allow them to learn about careers related to Geography in the wider community. Through the delivery of this subject it ensures children understand the values of our society and how we can protect our environment, an understanding of climate change, sustainability and any recent environmental issues, as ultimately it is our world!