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This term, Reception's topic is Transport. We will explore different transport linked to our three core books. 

  • Whatever Next 
  • Mrs Armitage on Wheels
  • All aboard for Bobo Road

These core books will guide our exploration of different types of transport and its uses. We will explore how vehicles are created and adapted for purpose. Children will become artists and designers, as they plan and design their own enhancement to a bike. Linked to our story Whatever Next, children will explore space travel will investigate the best materials to make rockets. Children will develop their understanding of the world around them by learning about life in different areas of the world and how transport is used for different purposes.

Children will develop their English through re-telling the stories using signs, props and role-play. Writing opportunities will be linked to our core books. Children will sequence stories, label characters and describe using CVC words and build sentences with the support of Colourful Semantics. 

Through games and play based activities children will learn to count reliably with numbers from one to 20. Children will explore number ordering and learn which number is one more or one less than a given number.