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Useful Information

Safety of Pupils in School

Door locks have been modified to allow access from inside only. After 9.00 a.m., parents and visitors must enter by the school office entrance.


Smoking is banned from the entire school site, in accordance with the law.

No Dogs on Site

In view of the obvious health hazard, and the fact that some children are genuinely frightened, you are asked not to bring dogs on to school grounds.

Parents’ Cars

Parents’ cars, taxis and other unauthorised vehicles are not permitted on the driveway, cross-hatchings, zig-zag lines, or inside the school gates.

Parking Outside School

Parking on the keep clear markings or hatchings outside school is a traffic offence and offending drivers can be fined on the spot. Please be aware of children’s safety and the needs of our neighbours when parking in the street.


At Hillborough Infant and Nursery School, as part of our wish to promote healthy eating, we have decided not to give out birthday sweets. Your child always receives a birthday card, and the class wish him or her a happy birthday. There is no need for parents to provide sweets or any other items for birthdays. We appreciate your support with this.

Countersigning passport applications or referees for British citizen applications

Due to new data protection guidelines the school is unable to countersign passport requests or act as a referee for British citizen applications.

At Hillborough Infant School we take the privacy of our students, parents and workforce seriously and we are committed to protecting it.

Here is a list of professionals that may be able to countersign or act as a referee: