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Vision, Mission and Values



Our vision is for each child to discover their interests, be confident and curious in developing new skills and grow in their love of learning.


  • Everyone takes care of themselves, each other and our School;

  • All children succeed; develop skills for lifelong learning and their ability to think independently;

  • We value parents as their child's first educators;

  • Our children, staff and governors go beyond expectations;

  • Children are actively encouraged to make their own choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment;

  • Children feel confident to take risks and make mistakes;

  • We celebrate success!


A school's values should be at the core of everything they do.  They underpin the teaching and learning, and contribute to an environment which prepares children for their future.

At Hillborough Infant and Nursery School, our core values are to 'CARE'. 

  • C - community
  • A - aspiration
  • R - respect
  • E - empowering

These values are all of equal importance and encompass many things. 

We also have our 'value' of the month, which is a principle that guides all of our thinking and behaviour.  Where we learn about our 'CARE' values each month.

We teach our children what these values mean through an interesting and creative curriculum. 

The School Rule

The one rule for all of us at Hillborough is:

We  show  respect  and  consideration  to  everyone  and everything  in our  school.

This means that:-

We care for each other.

  • We look after everything we use.
  • We do our best at work and play.
  • We are happy when our friends do well.
  • We treat others as we would like them to treat us.