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Year 2

At Hillborough Infants we believe that every child is a mathematician, artist, designer and builder, scientist, geographer, English language expert and athlete and gymnast in the making. We believe that the children will learn about each other’s faith and the world views that exist in the wider community in order to develop the tolerance and understanding. The topics for the autumn term are All about me and London. The children will become geologists and learn about our town and its features. Then historians and learn about the events of The Great Fire of London. In art the children will be learning sketch techniques and in design and technology, the children design and create their own flip book on the topic. 

 English meets computing when the children read the story of Vlad the flea and his lucky escape from the fire of 1666, and will write their own blogs based on those events.
In maths the children will learn a range of strategies for mental calculation – making doubles and near doubles, rounding up and down to the nearest multiple of 10, rebalancing calculations and using the ‘think ten’ method.
In science, children  will learn about living things including humans, finding out what animals need to thrive and survive.