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Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education and Sport


Our aim is for children to develop the ability to excel in a range of physical activities. We give the children at Hillborough Infant and Nursery School the opportunity to engage in competitive sports and activities whilst leading a healthy lifestyle.

Our curriculum includes a range of physical activities such as dance, gymnastics, ball skills, games and athletics.

All children have two lessons per week; one indoor and one outdoor. In one of the two lessons they will have a PE apprentice to assist the teacher.

During key stage one the children become more confident in agility, balance and coordination. They are able to do this on their own and with others in game situations. Their fundamental movement skills are also developed during their PE lessons and they experience competitive and physical activities against themselves and others. The children are taught to master movements such as running, jumping, throwing and catching which will enable them apply the skills in team games and use their skills for attacking and defending.