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Entrance doors are kept open from 8.50 to 9.00 a.m. and then closed. If you arrive after that time, you need to take your child to the reception at the main door and sign your child in. It is essential to do this, as your child may have missed the register. Lateness is monitored on a regular basis and those children who are persistently late will have a meeting with the school attendance officer.


It is important to your child’s future that he/she makes the most of his/her time at school. This means attending school regularly and on time. Here at Hillborough Infant School we place a strong emphasis on good punctuality. 


The school support for good punctuality 

  • Informing parents , if their child is late to school .
  • Sending lateness letters to parents .
  • Having attendance meetings at school to improve lateness.


Parents/Carers Support for good punctuality 

  • Ensuring the child gets up in plenty of time to be to be ready and prepared for school . Discussing any issues of lateness to ensure this does not become a habit .
  • Monitoring your child's attendance record when it is sent home and looking for any patterns of lateness.