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Religious Education

Religious Education


Hillborough Infant and Nursery School, the teaching of Religious Education is based mainly on Christian beliefs, although other world religions are studied, enabling children to develop a greater understanding of other cultures. 


A yearly programme of themes is planned following the Religious Education Agreed Syllabus for Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Luton which encourages children to respect the religious, spiritual and moral values of others and to consider thoughtfully their own values and beliefs. All children share a collective worship time each day. By following the syllabus it  allows children to participate in daily assemblies with pupils from other year groups. Provides pupils with stories from a range of different faiths. Will be taught through a non-judgemental/biased approach to any World religion. Allows teachers to plan from the scheme taking key aspects that suit the needs/interests/faiths of the children in their class/Year group.


Parents have the right to withdraw their child from the teaching of Religious Education and are asked if they are considering this to contact the Headteacher. 


This term

This term we will host another Celebration Day. Children will learn about the Jewish Festival of Yom Kippur. The children will spend an afternoon learning the key aspects of this festival and will  have an assembly. Children will complete activities based on this festival for the afternoon This is sure to be a fun and engaging experience for all of our children. Later in  the term the children can look forward to a visitor from our local Mandir temple, this will support our learning around the festival of Diwali.


Year 2 are currently learning about why it is important to care for others. They will explore this through bible stories and similar stories from  different key religion. They will investigate the 'Golden Rule' which it the thread that connects all beliefs. Later, they will move on to thinking about how and why we celebrate special times. This will include exploring what makes some celebrations sacred to others. 


Year 1 will be exploring who is a Jew, Muslim, Christian and Hindu. They will be exploring what they believe in and will gain experience in handling significant sacred artefacts. Later they will will investigate how and why do people celebrate special times. 


EYFS will be learning about where we belong. They will explore this in a variety of learning styles. Later this term, they will be investigating why Christmas is special to Christians.