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Starting School

Starting School September 2019.


You must apply for a school place even if:

  • your preferred school is not in Luton
  • your preferred school is a faith school, a foundation school, an academy or a free school
  • your child is attending a pre-school or early years class attached to your preferred school

It is  important that you read Luton Borough Council's 'How to apply for a school place for September 2019 guide' which can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.


You will be able to apply online until 15 January 2019 by clicking on the Education Portal button below.



All documents must be provided by 15 January 2019.


My child is under four years old - when do I need to apply for a school place?

Dates of birth Due to start school (Reception Year) Apply from Closing date
1/9/14-31/8/15 ​Sep 2019 Oct 2018 ​15 Jan 2019
​1/8/15-31/8/16 ​Sep 2020 ​Oct 2019 ​15 Jan 2020