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Term Time Leave Of Absence Information

Term Time Leave Of Absence 


The government has set criteria and we are obliged to keep the law. Pupils miss vital opportunities for learning that cannot be repeated.


If you must take your child out of school in term time for an emergency situation, then you must complete a Leave of Absence Application Form. Permission is not automatic, so please ensure that you have given sufficient notice (minimum of 14 days prior notice) to the school for the consideration of your application before booking any tickets.  You will be expected to meet with the Headteacher to discuss your request.


School must consider your child’s overall attendance and achievement, the time of the year, as well as punctuality, and whether leave has been taken previously and whether the leave is for exceptional circumstances.


If permission is not granted, and you still take holiday during term time, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised, which will result in a Penalty Notice of £60 or more, and you are at risk of your child being removed from the school roll.  

Medical Appointments 

Please try to ensure appointments are made after school or towards the end of the school day, if possible. It is rarely necessary to have a full day off for a medical appointment. If your child has a medical appointment during school hours, please let us know in advance, and you may be asked, when you collect your child, to show the appointment card or letter, which may be copied for verification so absence can be recorded as ‘medical’.