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Stories and texts linked to the termly topics are used as a stimuli for pupil’s writing.   Within each text, opportunities to develop vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar are taught,  alongside different genres.  Through signs for stories and story maps, pupils are encouraged to sequence stories and develop their language to aid their writing.  Story telling is a taught from Reception onwards with new signs and vocabulary introduced within each year group.  Through our ‘Once Upon a Time,’ topic story telling was celebrated, as every pupil wrote their own book which was then created electronically and professionally printed.  Our pupils enjoyed being authors and illustrators,  and were very proud of their publications. 

Writing opportunities which are linked to real life experiences are planned through our termly topics, for example writing instructions to make a clay diva pot; pupils followed these instructions to make a diva as part of our Diwali celebration.  

Through our topic ‘Our Environment’ the pupils investigated the effect of plastic pollution in our environment and decided that they wanted to write a letter to our school milk supplier, as they were unhappy with the amount of plastic used on a daily basis when drinking milk in school.  

Teaching the correct letter formation starts in Nursery and continues through out Reception Classes, so that pupils are ready to join letters in Key Stage One using the basic Charles Script style, which is followed throughout the school. Handwriting is taught weekly and pupils use a separate Handwriting Book to encourage them to take pride in their work and presentation.  We celebrate pupils writing through our classroom and school displays.

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Writing scheme of work 20-21